I am composting. And you are too.

verb • make (vegetable matter or manure) into compost.

Can one write about a topic without providing the definition/etymology of said topic? Perhaps. But I am not that one.


Moving on.

I have begun that adventure descent from stand-up, model citizen to rogue, counter-cultural dissenter.  This is the first step, le compost bin in le apartment.

dirty worm bin!

dirty worm bin!


The particular sect of composting that I adhere to is known as vermicomposting, as it uses vermis (worms) to turn organic waste into compost.  The advantage of composting with worms, other than the fact they are charming little fellers, is that is does not smell of sewer.  Traditional compost piles have a tendency to smell worse as there is less aeration.  The bacteria that hang out in anaerobic environments smell.  It is possible to use a pile and have little odor, but the unwashed apartment dwelling masses ( I count myself as one ) will have difficulty finding the appropriate space for this.


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