“The future was so much cooler in the past.”

File that under, Quotes I like, but have no one to attribute to.

Perspectival Rendering of Stanford Torus

Perspectival Rendering of Stanford Torus


Holy shit!

Where are the projects like this today?


Look at that project developed by NASA.  It is known as The Standford Torus.  Most of the information for it is on wikipedia — the image above will link you to that page.  A few quick facts:

  • Proposed in 1975
  • Designed to house 10,000-140,000 permanent residents
  • The torus itself is 1.8 kilometers in diameter
  • It completes a full rotation each minute to generate artificial gravity
  • Master Chief was born there

More incredible is the project of NASA.  A government funded space exploration initiative, that has made great advances in technology and imagination.  The world is in dire need of the spirit behind NASA.

Science, fiction, science-fiction?  The dividing line between these is vanishing.  It is wondrous.  The human imagination (and ingenuity) has allowed us to reach further than anyone could have predict.   Its ability to stretch our ideas of potential futures is compounding; as discoveries and advances are made they pave the way for bigger ideas, wilder dreams.


The purpose and beauty of ‘visionary’ work.

Another view.


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