places that I find compelling across the web.


General: {my favorite articles to read} {off the beaten path articles} {diverse, intense writing on various design topics}


Friends' Pages: {alex is a colleague of mine and an avid technophile} {ryan is a roommate/colleague/friend of mine} {josh is a friend from my undergraduate} {nick is a friend of mine from buffalo} {tom is a friend who offers freelance architectural services} {richard grew up on my street and is now in a jammin jazz band}


Personal Pages: {my website, redundant i know}

my tumblr {my collection of various images}

my youtube channel {nerd alert: dedicated to video games}

my spotify page {if you want to hear music i enjoy}

my portfolio {a display of my collected works}

work samples {briefer view of architectural work}

_other places {my creative photo book}

[ hyper ] {research about higher dimensions}