Fall Semester 2013

An overview of the four courses I am participating in this fall semester:


ARCH 701 — Architecture Design Studio // Peter Trummer

A studio focused on ‘Megaform’ as city.  The project is to think of urbanism as being comprised strictly by architecture.  In this investigation it is important to understand the relationship between FIGURE (building) and GROUND (“ground”).

Blog: http://mikeandalexd.blogspot.com/

ARCH 737 — Practicing Influence // Julie Beckman + Keith Kaseman

This course is an experimenting with what an architect’s mind can do other than architecture, especially in the community.  The idea is to create a campaign that will infect others with thought that they would not have had.

Blog: http://practicinginfluence2013.blogspot.com/

ARCH 741 — The Radical Project of Today // David Ruy

What is the radicalpProject in today’s world?  The seminar consists of two parts: lecture + individual project.  The lecture serves to frame radical project making within historical context, by looking at significant events/figures in architecture history since 1968.  People such as Bernard Tschumi, Rem Koolhaas, Zaha Hadid, Peter Eisenman, etc.  The project is to produce 5 images that take a radical stance towards representation in architecture.

FNAR 640 — Intro to Digital Photography  // Karen Rodewald

This course is meant, you guessed it, to introduce students to the basics of digital photography.  I am hopeful that this class will help me hone my compositional skills as well as my technical knowledge of images in the digital realm.