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“If you give money, spend yourself with it, and do not merely abandon it to them.”

Henry David Thoreau, Walden.

I am quite partial to Henry’s ideal for charity above; it is important that donation is made in tangible and effectual ways. In this fashion, it is best to donate one’s time in service, whether it be Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at a soup kitchen or any other avenue. The point here is that throwing money at a problem is in no way a cure. In fact, doing that tends to spawn corruption.
After making this point, I will clumsily make the call for throwing money to aid others.
Consider donating to MAPS. [Multidisciplinary Association for Psychadelic Studies] This foundation is working on clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy clinical studies for the treatment of
PTSD. The study is in need of funds to create the medicine. There is promise in this therapy to provide relief and an avenue of recovery for many.
 Roughly 20 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide.‘ It’s clear the current therapies are not working for these men and women.
Here is helpful information from Rick about how the MDMA therapy works: Rick Doblin on the Joe Rogan Experience

Also, donate your time.


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