About Me



If I were to offer a clinical definition of myself it would read as, a young aspiring architect.

Otherwise I see myself as a person trying to enjoy life. I do this by cooking gourmet* pizzas, reading about ancient cultures with little reason to, drinking thick, muddy coffee, challenging myself to learn new things, and I suppose a great deal more…


*in a comprehensive and conclusive study, 1 of 1 testers agree that these pizzas truly live up to the wonderful adjective: gourmet



What I can offer.


Recently, I earned my Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. [2014]
I pursued my Bachelors of Science in Architecture from SUNY at Buffalo, and graduated in 2012.
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“…what imagination does is allow us to conceive of delightful futures, choose the most amazingexciting, and ecstatic possibility, and pull the present forward to meet it.”

— Jason Silva [ filmmaker / futurist / epiphany addict ]