With the proliferation of digital fabrication and the rise of open source movements across the internet has come many websites that are hubs for making.  One of the more prominent ones is The Thingiverse, which is driven by the people behind MakerBots.

2014-04-21 12.44.25


I recently set out to brew a Rye IPA with a friend of mine, and we were hoping to make some labels/logos for the beer when we came across the 6-packer on The Thingiverse.  Someone with the username Tim G from Rochester, NY has been so  kind to share his drawings to make a wooden 6-pack carrier.  The original files provided a 3/16″ thickness of birch plywood, but I have edited the files to use 1/8″ MDF.


Below is a capture of the digital model, which shows how the pieces of MDF are to be lasercut.











Shown above is a rendering showing what the 6-packer looks like.


Fabrication of the 6-packer:

2014-04-21 12.44.25


Usage of the 6-packer:

Will happen in mid may when the rye IPA is ready


The files for this 1/8th remix of the 6-packer can be found here.



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